Seagram Building

ManhattanOfficePost 1950

375 Park Avenue, NY, United States

Mies van der Rohe, Philip Johnson

BUILT 1958


First floor interior consisting of:
● Lobby
● Passenger elevator cabs
Fixtures and interior components of these spaces including but not limited to, interior piers, wall surfaces, ceiling surfaces, floor surfaces, doors, railings, elevator doors, elevator indicators, and signs


Excerpt from Landmarks Preservation Commission designation report:

“The Commission further finds that, among its important qualities, the Seagram Building, first floor interior, is an integral part of the tower, a seminal example of International Style architecture; that the bronze-clad columns and other carefully crafted rich components are common to both lobby and tower; that the lobby is inherently bound to the plaza through the use of common paving materials, transparent glass walls, and strong horizontal features; that the first floor interior was designed in 1954-55 by architectural master Ludwig Mies van der Rohe with Phillip Johnson and erected in 1956-58; that it is Mies’s only building in New York City and is the climax of his ideas on tall office structures, which began in the 1920s; that the realization of the building’s interior was made possible by a rare coalition of talented consultants and by pioneering efforts of research and fabrication; that the mosaic-clad ceiling, bronze lobby appointments, specially designed elevator cabs and other features produce a rich but understated lobby; that this interior is accentuated by an innovative illumination scheme and other technical features; and that this first-floor interior was commissioned by the notable firm of Joseph E. Seagram & Sons, and has been kept virtually intact through a foresighted maintenance program.”

LPC Designation Reports