Brooklyn Historical Society Building


Photographs by Larry Lederman © All rights reserved

128 Pierrepont Street, Brooklyn, NY, United States

George B. Post

BUILT 1881

RESTORED BY Jan Hird Pokorny Associates, Christoff:Finio

RESTORED 2003, 2012


First floor interior consisting of:
● Entrance vestibule
● Foyer
● Hall
● Staircase extending from the first floor to the second floor
Second floor interior consisting of:
● Stair hall
● Main reading room of the library and its balconies
● Members’ room
Fixtures and interior components of these spaces, including but not limited to, wall and ceiling surfaces, floor surfaces, doors, windows, columns, attached bookcases, attached lighting fixtures, fireplace, stair railings, and balcony railings


Excerpt from Landmarks Preservation Commission designation report:

“The Commission further finds that, among its important qualities, the Long Island Historical Society Building, a prominent and significant feature of the Brooklyn Heights Historic District, is notable for its carefully designer interior; that the building, constructed in 1878-81, was designed by the prominent architect George B. Post to accommodate the various functions of the Society; that as the home of one of New York’s major historical societies, the building symbolizes the importance of that cultural institution in the nineteenth century; that the interior is particularly distinguished by its library which stands today as the hallmark of this fine building; that the library design displays Post’s interest in the new materials and techniques while respecting past stylistic traditions; that the interior as a whole is characterized by a careful handling of space and by handsome architectural detail in the Queen Anne stylistic tradition; and that the building with its graceful and elegant interior continues to stand as a ‘centre of pleasure and cultural in the community.’”