Four Seasons Restaurant

ManhattanPost 1950Restaurant

99 East 52nd Street, New York, NY, United States

Philip Johnson, William Pahlmann

BUILT 1959

RESTORED BY Belmont Freeman Architects

RESTORED ongoing


Ground floor interior consisting of:
● Entrance lobby and the staircase leading from the entrance lobby to the first floor interior
First floor interior consisting of:
● Restaurant lobby including the freestanding piers
● Pool Room vestibule
● Pool Room (dining room) including the marble pool
● Staircase leading to the mezzanine dining room
● Mezzanine dining room
● Bar Room/Grill Room vestibule
● Bar Room/Grill Room (dining room) including the bar
● Staircases leading to the balcony level
● Balcony
● Balcony level dining rooms
Fixtures and interior components of these spaces, including but not limited to, wall surfaces, floor surfaces, ceiling surfaces, doors, railings, hanging sculptures, and metal draperies


Excerpt from Landmarks Preservation Commission designation report:

“The commission further finds that, among their important qualities the Four Seasons Restaurant Interiors, integral components of the architecturally preeminent Seagram Building, are among the finest International Style interiors in the United States; that they were designed in 1958 by celebrated architect Philip Johnson and an accomplished team of consultants and built in 1958-59 for the expanding firm of Restaurant Associates as an innovative first-class restaurant; that innovative technologies and architectonic elements were incorporated to achieve the desired aesthetic and spatial effects; that the modular design of the exterior of the Seagram Building is carried into and helps to define the interior spaces; that the spacious, understated and elegant rooms of exquisite proportions are excellently maintained; that they are outfitted with finely crafted rich materials such as bronze, white Carrara and travertine marbles, rawhide panels, French walnut and ebonized oak, and anodized aluminum; that these materials are installed with expert craftsmanship to accentuate their inherent beauty; that the distinctive design of the interior spaces and the exceptional culinary reputation of the Four Season make it a cultural magnet for tourists as well as New York’s elite.”