Film Center Building


630 Ninth Avenue, New York, NY, United States

Ely Jacques Kahn

BUILT 1929


First floor interiors


One of the city’s finest and most colorful interpretations of Art Deco is the little-known interior of an unassuming office building west of Times Square. The Film Center lobby more than makes up for its modest size with bold polychrome ornament that encases the entrance and lobby. In a relatively limited area, architect Ely Jacques Kahn ingeniously used color as a structural element rather than solely as decoration. Bold black-and-­silver bands wrap the walls to expand the narrow space, and bright mosaics echo geometric motifs popular in the period.

The building was designed for the burgeoning movie industry, housing offices for film distributors, editing rooms, and related businesses. Although many of its original tenants have departed, the lobby has been maintained and continues to serve as headquarters for businesses involved in film, audio production, and related areas – its striking lobby surely one of the major attractions for tenants and visitors alike.

Photographs by Larry Lederman © All rights reserved