Chrysler Building


405 Lexington Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, United States

William Van Alen

BUILT 1930

RESTORED BY EverGreene Architectural Arts



Ground floor interior consisting of:
● Lexington Avenue entrance lobby
● Main concourse
● Curved staircases, which extend up to the mezzanine and down to basement levels at northern and southern ends of main concourse
● Elevator halls and elevator cabs
● 42nd Street entrance lobby
● 43rd Street entrance lobby
Fixtures and components of these spaces, including but not limited to all lighting fixtures, wall and ceiling surfaces, floor surfaces, railings, doors, signs, mail boxes, and metal grilles over ventilation ducts


Excerpt from Landmarks Preservation Commission designation report:

“The Commission further finds that, among its important qualities, the Ground Floor Interior of the Chrysler Building is an outstanding example of Art Deco design; that the red Moroccan marble, ‘Nirsota’ steel, and the lighting are important elements in the design; that an outstanding feature of the Ground Floor Interior is the ceiling mural by artist Edward Trumbull depicting various aspects of man’s progress in transportation and construction technology as well as the Chrysler Building itself; that the elevator cabs and doors are of an exceptional and elegant design incorporating many unusual and variegated woods; that the entrance lobbies and main concourse were designed by architect William Van Alen to efficiently channel pedestrians into the building, thus furthering the image of the Chrysler Building as a progressive model for modern business life; that the total design helped carry out Walter P. Chrysler’s aim of dedicating the building to world commerce and industry; and that the Ground Floor Interiors of the Chrysler Building is exceptional and outstanding office building space in New York City and the United States.”

LPC Designation Reports