Beacon Theater


2124 Broadway, New York, NY, United States

Walter W. Ahlschlager, Rambusch Studios, Rapp & Rapp

BUILT 1929

RESTORED BY Rambusch Studio



First floor interior consisting of:
● Outer ticket lobby and ticket booth
● Inner ticket lobby and ticket booth
● Main lobby including the rotunda and its ceiling
● Staircases leading to the loge floor
● Auditorium including the staircases, orchestra pit, stage and stage wings
Loge floor interior consisting of:
● Promenade
● Loge
● Upper part of the auditorium
● Upper part of the stage house
● Staircases leading up to the balcony floor interior
Balcony floor interior consisting of:
● Promenade
● Lower balcony
● Upper balcony
● Staircases between the upper and lower balconies
● Upper part of the auditorium and ceiling
● Upper part of the stage house and skylight
Fixtures and interior components of these spaces, including but not limited to, wall and ceiling surfaces, floor surfaces, doors, lighting fixtures including chandeliers, murals, sculpture including statues, panels, organ, and staircase railings


Excerpt from Landmarks Preservation Commission designation report:

“The Commission further finds that, among its important qualities, the Interior of the Beacon Theater survives as one of the great movie palaces of New York; that it is a lavish space with stylistic effects drawn from the traditions of Greek, Roman Renaissance, and Rococo architecture; that it was designed by architect Walter W. Ahlschlager to create an exciting theatrical experience; that the rotunda lobby, whose design echoes that of the now-demolished Roxy Theatre, was designed to contrast with the low-ceilinged ticket lobbies and create “the spell of the theater”; that the auditorium is rich with exotic and decorative effects including vast murals; that two prominent entities in New York Theater business, Samuel L. Rothafel and the Chanin Construction Co., were associated in the creation of the Beacon; that it was designed with technical and stage features which now allow it to function as a multi-purpose performing arts center; and that through its design the Interior of the Beacon Theater offers a sense of the fantasy and drama of the theater.”

LPC Designation Reports